Friday, August 2, 2013


Every day is not a party...and nor should it be. The kids and I have been killing time at my parents house before we leave for Vancouver on wednesday. Originally, I thought this would be fun. Its summer. we can go out - no school, no schedule, no work, no chores. but after a 3 week vacation in Europe  and 2 weeks in Maryland trying to have "fun" everyday - sightseeing, chuck e cheese, mini golf, and countless parties and playdates, I'm  looking forward to the tedium of every day life.
I want meals at home and regular bedtimes every night and the kids getting ready for another day at school. I want school, and work and grocery shopping, and THEN I want to play. Some may think I'm crazy. But I believe the best highs follow lows. The most beautiful sunshine follows days of rain. Great big Belly laughs follow sobs and tears. The Excitement of success  follows the drudgery of practice. the rest of the Sabbath follows 6 days of Labor. Maybe God knew what he was doing.

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