Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I'm a  pastor's wife who loves Halloween - am I the only one?
I've always loved Halloween.  For one, its in the fall, when the leaves are changing and the neighborhood looks beautiful one last time before the cold, dark winter.  Second reason, candy!  I don't think I need to say more about that one. Third reason - It gives families a chance to do something fun together while also meeting and greeting their neighbors.

Growing up, our neighborhood was way into trick or treating.  People would answer the door in their costumes or wait outside (on nicer evenings), saying hello to the kids and passing out candy (yum!).  Ok, sometimes grumpy people just left a bowl of goodies on their front steps, but that just meant more candy for us!  Halloween was so much fun!

I now live in a similar, fantastic neighbor who goes all out for Halloween.  We actually moved into this house right around Halloween, so our first introduction to others on our street was while Trick or Treating.  Nobody in Columbia brings over a pie anymore, but they were welcoming with their chocolate.  (And if you know me, chocolate goes way farther than pie in my house).  So once again this year,  the Dixits will be Trick or Treating.  We only make it to a couple of houses, but its enough to satiate our sweet tooth and say hello to some friends.

It's been a crazy Halloween, since it's the first day back to school after Hurricane Sandy. The kids all had their Halloween parades at school.  Jaelin and Eli's school does something great - they call it the Parade of Words.  Every kid has to have an academic  word that goes with their costume.  Second grade did compound words this year, so Eli was "Bigfoot".  Jaelin's class did verbs - although she was not very creative this year - "Sing".
Seriously, the Best Principal ever!
Men in Black costume with the verb "Neutralize" 
Ms. Bailey was Eli's teacher last year.  Her compound word was "Snowman" 

I loved Ms. Thompson's (the principal) costume - Where's Waldo.  She does an amazing job every year making sure the kids have fun while also learning.  For the last few years, we've also had the Oakland Mills Middle School band come (dressed in costume, of course) and play during the parade. This year they played Michael Jackson's "Thriller."  They are good!   It's enough to make me return Jaelin's violin and beg her to pick up a band instrument.

I know some Christians equate Halloween with Satan worship.  But I think celebrating Halloween doesn't mean you worship the devil, just like celebrating Christmas doesn't mean you are a Christian.  It's what we make of it.  Let's reclaim Halloween and celebrate it in a Christian way, rather than letting the baddies have all the fun.

Even if you don't want to let your kids trick or treat for Halloween, please don't turn the lights off and be a scrooge.  Open the door for your neighbors and kids.  Dress up in a Jesus/Angel/Moses outfit.  If you don't like sugary treats, give out apples or popcorn or pretzels.  Just love others in your neighborhood. I'm pretty sure that's what Jesus would do.

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