Friday, November 23, 2012

A good life

Kumar's aunt in India passed away two days ago.  His father's comment was "She lived a good life."  I first thought "What a trite comment."  This woman was married at 19 and widowed by 24.  Is that a good life?  But then I got to thinking, maybe it was.  I didn't know her or her family. There is so much that goes into a life.  Maybe she was unhappy in her marriage or maybe she was happy in her marriage and never got to the unhappy part. (For you single people, marriage is hard, and there ARE unhappy days in every marriage).   Is being unmarried or widowed automatically "a bad life"?   I doubt it.  She loved her kids and her extended family and they loved her.  Kumar and his sister met her for the first time during their trip last year.  They loved her from that brief meeting.  I think she lived a good life.

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