Thursday, November 8, 2012

What the &#^$#*&$(#

Cursing.  Cussing...whatever you call it, its everywhere.  On TV, in books, on the street. 
Everyone is cursing.  I'm cursing.  I had a clean mouth for a long time when I first had the kids, but lately I've been slipping off the bandwagon.  Maybe it's because I've been angry lately. (Angry pastors wife ;)  But I'm not just cursing at big things, I curse at little things too...a stubbed toe, stepping on a lego, jackets left on the floor.  Maybe I should just clean up around here. 

Don't worry, I almost never curse in writing, but there is something about the sound and feeling of those terrible words that just feel good coming out of my mouth. I know its wrong, and I usually feel guilty afterwards.  But those combinations of affricates and plosive sounds are soo sweet! (That's my nerdy SLP side coming out).  There's gotta be some sort of research about this.
It's a release of energy and those sound combinations just hit a nerve or release seratonin or something.   

But I am a pastor's wife, who is only sometimes angry. And more importantly, I'm a believer in the Bible.  This week in Adventurers we are studying the third commandment.  "Do not take the Lord's Name in Vain."  I'm the Adventurers Director.  I'm a Christian.  I've got to stop.  How can I curb my want/need to curse? 

Here's my plan.  It's my pre-Christmas "Lenten" plan.  From now until Christmas no cursing.  Instead,  I found a list of great "alternative" swear words.
I hope they feel as good coming out.   I'll let you know.....

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